Why So Smunchy?

We often get raves about the texture of PB Love. It’s not quite crunchy, but it’s not quite smooth, either. We call it Smunchy. The smunchy texture comes primarily from our stone-grinding process, but a very important and impressive ingredient also plays a large role - Madhava Organic Unrefined Coconut Sugar.  

Who and what is Madhava?
Madhava produces all natural and organic sweeteners. Bart Utley founded Madhava in 1973, in Boulder Canyon. Bart set out to provide healthier sweet food choices that people could trust and love. The word Madhava is a Sanskrit word that translates into the saying “born of honey.” Today, they produce over 25 sweet products that people trust and love!

Why do you use Madhava coconut sugar?
Well, just like PB Love, it is real food. Madhava Unrefined Coconut Sugar is made out of 100% real food and processed in a way that keeps the nutrient density as high as possible. Real food is high quality, nutrient dense, great tasting, and great for you.  

As a fellow real-food producer, Madhava creates their products according to a certain food philosophy that is in alignment with PB Love’s own food philosophy.

Madhava gives PB Love texture, color, and a sweetness that cannot be matched. We look forward to growing the relationship between PB Love and Madhava in the near future. Together, as producers of real-food, PB Love and Madhava are providing healthy and delicious products that are safe, responsibly-produced, and nutrient rich.

To quote Madhava themselves, "Pure. Natural. Scrumptious. Sweet!"