Product image 1PB Love Co YUMBOX front box closed image.
Product image 2PB Love Co YUMBOX open empty box image.
Product image 3PB Love Co YUMBOX with 34 Degrees Crisps, two Chocolove bars, and bamboo spoon image - Classic Crunchy, Cinnamon Almond, Classic Creamy, and Salty Peanut.
Product image 4PB Love Co YUMBOX open full box image - 4 jars of nut butter, 34 Degrees Crisps, two Chocolove bars, and bamboo spoon.

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Handcrafted here in Denver, CO by an independent local woodworker, our YUMBOX is made of Birchwood and is custom built to have several uses. 

  • iPad stand (with the lid open and partitions inserted - fits the newer iPads 9 1/4 inches x 6.5 inches)

  • Adjustable partitions, to arrange and remove to fit your needs

    • Use as a sewing box, herb/plant box

    • For spices, teas, or art & crafts
Colorado YUMBOX
  • Contains 4 jars of our delicious nut butter- 1 each of Classic Creamy, Classic Crunchy, Salty Peanut, and Cinnamon Almond
    • a box of 34 degrees Crisps
    • 2 Chocolove minibars
    • 1 Bamboo PB Love Spoon

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        Yum box
        woohooo!! We are glad you are happy with our YUMBOX! Thank you for helping us spread the PB Love : ) Love you!
        Perfect Gift Box
        Heck yes! We are THRILLED to feed you and your peeps! It's what we live for. Thank you for sharing your PB Love experience, and for helping us spread smiles, cheers!
        Best gift giving idea ever
        Thank you for joining our purpose of feeding people and spreading smiles! You have been a pleasure to serve, and thank you for all your loyal support. Cheers to your and yours!
        Stylish & Yummy!
        We are so thrilled you are a fan of our delicious, premium nut buttes! Thank you for your support, and thank you for helping us spread the PB Love! Cheers to you and yours.
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