Where can i buy pb love?

Our online store
• Markets, events, and pop-ups around Denver. Check our events section for a complete list of where we'll be.
• PB Love is growing and will soon be in some of Denver's historical and diverse neighborhoods soon!

What do we use?

Quality ingredients, stone grinder, and our bare (but clean) hands.

What is it made out of?


How is it made?

We combine traditional food manufacturing practices with our PB Love recipes to create a modern nut butter product and experience.

Think old school meets new school.

what are the nutrition facts?

Check out our nutrition facts here.

what are our ingredient requirements?

* Keep it whole.
* Keep it colorful.
* Keep it close.
* Keep it simple.

Happy food makes happy people.

Where is it made?

6271 Beach Street, Unit G  Denver, CO 80221  To schedule a tour or a visit, please contact us.

does pb love need to be refrigerated?

No! It's perfectly fine sitting on your pantry shelf, in fact we recommend to keep it out of the fridge. The coconut oil hardens when put in the fridge, which will change the texture and consistency of PB Love.

how long does pb love last?

Your jar of PB Love will last at least a year, but the Best By date on your jar recommends eating within 16 weeks for maximum freshness.

how long will it take to ship?

Currently, PB Love generally ships out once a week, usually on Wednesdays.  Please allow us 3-7 business days for packages to arrive. 
Until our growth allows us to ship daily, we ask that all PB Lovers be patient with shipping times.  

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact us immediately. We would love to hear from you! GetatUs@thepbloveco.com