PB Lover Gift Subscription


PB Lover Gift Subscription


Three months of feeding someone special! Your PB Love gift receiver (aka, PB Lover) will get to choose their PB Love nut butter preference (peanuts, almonds, or a combination of both) when they activate their PB Lover Gift Subscription by entering the card code on their gift card.

Once activated, your PB Lover will automatically begin receiving PB Love directly to their door!

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How it works

You can send this gift card to your mailing address and gift this subscription in person yourself.

Or, you can enter your PB Lover's mailing info in "shipping" and PB Love will do the work for you. Make it special and be sure to include a personal message.

Once your PB Lover receives their gift card, they can then activate their PB Lover Gift Subscription whenever they feel like having a ridiculous eating experience.  

This might be the greatest idea in the Peanut Butter Universe.... for any celebration!

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