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No matter how much you order, we charge a flat shipping rate. The short answer of why we do this is because it keeps operations simpler, which ultimately translates to lower costs for you and us. So it really is a win-win for everyone!

We offer a variety of ways to order our products and save money.

In order for you to receive the greatest value out of our flat rate shipping fee, and our different product offerings, it is best to order in bulk.


Here are some examples of what many resourceful PB Lovers order on the regular:

  • 2 three packs of 2 favorite flavors
  • 2 of any of our Threesomes (this is the greatest savings without a recurring custom subscription [subscribe and save button] – Threesomes are discounted variety packs)
  • 2 three packs of 1 favorite flavor
  • 1 three pack of 1 favorite flavor, plus 1 individual jar of a second favorite flavor


The PB Love Company - peanut butter and almond butter. Handcrafted, stone ground, and made in Denver, Colorado.

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