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Bjorns Colorado Honey based in Boulder Colorado.

Hello everyone!  

As the creator of what is inside a PB Love jar, I want to begin sharing with you what makes PB Love so unique, why people are so happy when they eat it for the first time, and why PB Love’s taste gives every new PBLover such a memorable and exciting experience that keeps them craving for more.

One of the first orders of business for PB Love was to create a food philosophy. This came from my own standards I use in my home kitchen. Those of you who know me, know that anything that comes from me and my home kitchen will always be nutritious and delicious - delicious, because it’s nutritious. PB Love adheres to our food philosophy very strongly, and we carefully choose our ingredients based on that solid principle.

This blog post is the first in our series of highlighting the unique and delicious ingredients that make PB Love so mouth-watering good!

I am happy to introduce to you, Bjorn’s Colorado Honey. One of PB Love’s main ingredients, Bjorn’s is a big reason why the PBLover becomes a PBLover.  

How did you find Bjorn’s?
I first met Pontus, the owner of Bjorn’s, at the Cherry Creek Farmers Market almost 3 years ago!  I stood there staring at this tall, very unique looking and sounding person.  As I listen to his European accent talk about his products, he hands me a taste of his honey, I tasted it - and I was hooked! I learned that Pontus has been around bees all his life. His family in Sweden have been beekeepers for 3 generations! He taught me about his entire process (I am looking forward to seeing it soon!) and explained to me the difference between filtered, “raw”, “organic” honey.  He was incredibly sincere and passionate in his explanations. I knew this dude was in love with his bees and his honey.

After a couple test batches, Bjorn’s Colorado Honey officially became one of the main ingredients in PB Love. The taste speaks for it’s quality.  And the quality comes from a truly inspiring small Colorado producer. Pontus has a value system for what he does that stems back generations. To me, it was a no-brainer.

PB Love mix of Bjorns CO honey, cinnamon, black strap molasses, sea salt, and coconut sugar.
Why do you use Bjorns Colorado Honey?
Well, that’s easy to answer. Bjorns Colorado Honey meets PB Love’s Food Philosophy, which is essentially the quality standard and value system PB Love has in place for all of PB Love’s real food ingredients. The creator of Bjorn’s stands for something bigger than himself and bigger than his business, and that is reflected in the quality of his honey.

It’s whole. It’s colorful. It’s simple. It’s close.  

What is the PB Love’s Food Philosophy?
Our food philosophy is our value system and vision for our food itself.

• Keep it whole: Whole food is more nutrient dense.  PB Love uses ingredients that are minimally processed, and are as close to the original food itself.
• Keep it colorful: Where there is color, there is life.  Real food is colorful, it’s alive, healthier, and tastier.
• Keep it close: We source locally from Colorado owned businesses whenever possible.  We lesson our carbon foot print this way, as well as give back into the health and growth of our local economic community.
• Keep it simple: The simplest things in life are the greatest things in life.  PB Love is committed to an uncomplicated ingredients list - less is more.

"Happy food makes happy people."  

We really believe that happy food makes happy people.  And happy food is exactly what PB Love makes.

Why did you decide to create a food philosophy?
As humans, we have an inherent responsibility to to this planet.  And as food producers, that responsibility is high on the priority list.

When I decided that I was going to create a real food product and sell it, I committed to a vision and value system that would help ensure the quality of our products – to make sure that what we were making was actually quality, and that what we were selling to people to eat, was real, nutrient dense food.


The following vision was adopted:
PB Love will produce clean, quality, healthy, real food products that are nutritious, delicious and created in a safe, fun, responsible way.

Now you know Bjorn’s Colorado Honey is part of why PB Love is ridiculously delicious. This honey is some damn good honey.

Cheers to Bjorn’s Colorado Honey!

Thanks for reading!



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