Born in Amarillo, TX in 1984 to a big, Mexican-American family, Mario once held visions of having a brood of children, opening a B&B and making baby food. These days he still has aspirations to expand his food products and services, but spends his time focused on PB Love, physical/mental fitness, classical music, and trips down a Colorado river. Mario wasn't always this slim, healthy looking fellow you see here. No, he used to be 100 pounds heavier and with some really terrible food habits. Until he decided to kick the bucket and revisit his health, lifestyle and dive into learning about food. He made his way to the big city and landed in Dallas where he started his first business venture in 2005: North Dallas Boot Camp. Over his time working in physical fitness & natural weight loss, he found himself always educating his clients about the importance of food and even sharing his homemade almond butter. Eventually an idea was planted. It wasn't until he arrived in Denver — the real food capital of the U.S. — that PB Love became an idea. He has served patrons in some of Denver's top rated restaurants including Snooze, Stuebens, and Work & Class; all known for their world class, real food meals, sustainability, and mentoring leadership. These experiences were just what he needed to be inspired, confident, and motivated to grow his idea into a reality — and he is.


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