Where can I buy PB Love?

- Online @ PB Love’s marketplace

- Local fresh markets and special events.

- Select boutique and specialty stores coming soon. 

Why is PB Love different than other nut butter brands?

The taste - Our quality of ingredients and our stone grinding process deliver a unique texture we call smunchy, and a very rich flavor.

Freshness – When you buy directly from our online store, or at a local fresh market/event, the product you are purchasing was made fresh that week, or the week before.

Does PB Love need to be refrigerated?

No. If you refrigerate Salty Peanut or Cinnamon Almond, the texture will stiffen due to the coconut oil.

If you refrigerate any Classic flavor (Creamy or Crunchy) or Smooth Almond, it will help stop or slow down the natural oil separation that occurs with high quality, all natural nut butters.

Refrigerating PB Love will extend freshness/shelf life as that is what refrigeration does.  

Storing in a cool dark place is totally perfect while some customers prefer refrigeration. 

How long does PB Love last?

Depends on the eater… 1 week, 3 weeks, 1 day.

What is PB Love’s shelf life?

6 months to a year… perhaps even longer.  The “best buy” date on each jar is NOT an expiration date.



Is PB Love organic?

We are not a certified organic company. We do use organic ingredients like our coconut oil, blackstrap molasses, and coconut sugar whenever possible.

We do have intentions of providing flavors made with organic nuts in the future as we grow. 

Which grocery stores can I buy PB Love?

Coming soon!

Are there any unnatural additives or preservatives added to PB Love?

No. None.  We only use real food. We don't use palm oil or other nasty processed ingredients.

Where does PB Love’s nuts come from?

Peanuts are sourced from Hampden Farms, North Coralina.

Almonds are sourced from Valley Harvest Nut Co., Modesto, California

All of our almonds are grown in California.

The majority of our peanuts are grown in North Carolina/Virginia.

Does PB Love add sugar or other sweeteners?

We use Colorado honey as our main sweetener in Salty Peanut and Cinnamon Almond.

We use blackstrap molasses for color, and unrefined coconut sugar for texture.

We do not use refined sugars/sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, or anything that is soy or corn derived.

Does PB Love use the same equipment to produce both peanuts and almonds?


Is PB Love gluten free?

Duh. It’s nut butter. You can always take a look at our ingredients list in order to answer any allergy questions. And no, PB Love is nothing like cookie butter.

No gluten is used or processed in our facility.

Is PB Love vegan?

Depends on the “vegan”.  We do use honey in Salty Peanut and Cinnamon Almond.

Does PB Love separate like other natural nut butters?

Yes. PB Love is made with all-natural, real food ingredients. Oil separation is an indication of quality.

Does PB Love ship?

Yes. Learn more about flat rate shipping, Denver local delivery, and Colorado shipping.

Where is PB Love made?

6271 Beach Street

Unit G

Denver, CO 80221 


the pb love company full flavors. classic crunchy, classic creamy, salty peanut, cinnamon almond, smooth almond. handcrafted peanut butter and almond butter made in denver, CO.

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