The PB Love Story

People with a love for real foodFounded in 2015 on the idea that a company could feed people, be sustainable, be real, make profits, and most importantly - make people happy. The PB Love Company has proved that our values are what make our products an experience that spread a smile.

Cinnamon Almond and Salty Peanut make the perfect apple dip
The concept is very simple and delicious. Feed ourselves, our friends, family, and community a 100% real food product.

Commit to real food ingredients using a food philosophy of keeping it whole, colorful, close and simple.

Salty Peanut peanut butter from PB Love a real food peanut butter
There's no need to sacrifice health and environment for our food. Food is natural: it was designed to come from the earth and formulated to nourish our bodies. It's only when we stray from real food that products in the food industry become unhealthy, with a negative impact on the environment and undermining the good of the community.
PB Love peanuts direct from farm

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