Peace Out 2022. Bring It On 2023!

We did it. If you're reading this, you did it too. We all survived the madness of 2022. Well done. Most people might have anticipated this last year to be some what free of the shit show COVID created back in 2020. No. Not at all. Well, not really (perhaps a few things in this world improved).
Our world is forever changed and all the peanut butter champions of the Earth must do their best to adapt and prosper. 
All you have to do is eat more peanut butter! (kind of just kidding, but not really).
The PB Love Company. Peanut Butter. Almond Butter. No palm oil. Award winning peanut butter. Seriously... you gotta do your part. We are all aware of the shit-show everyone is in globally. You and I can make it better. We can make a difference. You simply just have to make a choice and commit to it. 
Give it your all - perform your days with excellence, discipline and focus on achievement. 
Perhaps that is what 2023 is all about. Let's all get our shit together and really "be the change we wish to see". What else do you have to do?
We all have our stories and they each come with challenges. But if we get rid of our excuses and give our self the space, time and love, and make our personal well-being a priority, we absolutely stand a chance at performing with excellence, discipline and actually achieving those 'new years resolutions'. 
PB Love finished 2022 in a strong position to continue feeding people and making them happy. We are excited for the wins we will accomplish this coming year and ready to problem solve the challenges that are on their way. 
We wish you a Happy New Year and we truly look forward to working in peanut butter paradise this 2023!
Cheers to you and yours and thank you for helping us spread the PB Love!
Mario & The PB Love Co. Team
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