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Almond butter straight out of a daydream. Melts in your mouth with a bright sweetness and a spicy cinnamon bite. 

ingredients: roasted almonds, organic extra virgin coconut oil, Colorado honey, Vietnamese cinnamon, organic unrefined coconut sugar, organic blackstrap molasses, sea salt.

A best-seller, this 100% real food, stone-ground almond butter will be your new go-to snack or even dessert. Everyone tells us they eat this straight out of the jar but it's great on apples, pita chips, pancakes, bagels or wherever you want a subtly sweet and slightly cinnamon boost of flavor.

Customer Reviews

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Craving from across the USA
Kate, we're so glad we could help you fill the craving for delicious treats. When you NEED a jar of Salty Peanut, nothing else will do!! Congratulations to you and your family, and we look forward to feeding a new PB Love fan!! Cheers!
Best Cinnamon almond butter!
You are an Almond Butter Champion!!!! We look forward to feeding you again soon!!! Cheers!!
Long distance purchase
Rob thanks for being such a fan!! Hopefully you can come visit us in person again soon!! In the meantime, we look forward to feeding you from a socially distant location!! Cheers to you and yours!!
Thank you for the support! Cheers to you and we look forward to feeding you again!
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