Key ingredient of PB Love nut butters: social responsibility

PB Love is a social responsible nut butter company

An ethical framework that suggests that an entity, organization or individual, has an obligation to act for the benefit of society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystems.


 At PB Love we understand the value and importance of social responsibility and are continuously conscious of the impact our business decisions can have: how they effect our community, the environment, and our local economy.
While we have many roads ahead to meet our own goal of sustainability in our business, we try to implement practices along the way that are mindful to the end goal and desire to always balance profits with sustainability.


 PB Love roadmap for sustainability

In Sourcing

Promoting local jobs is a significant factor in a business' social responsibility, and at PB Love we always source our ingredients locally (whenever possible) to support and employ those within our communities.” You can take a look at our current Colorado owned companies we source from.

In Packaging and Marketing 

Our strongest area of eco-friendliness is definitely our packaging. Not only can you easily remove the labels from our jars and try one of our reuse ideas, if you receive PB Love in the mail your box will also be packed with fully biodegradable/compostable packing peanuts and packaging. When you purchase PB Love directly at a local fresh market, special event, or local retailer you will find PB Love in glass jars. When PB Love is shipped to either an online shopper or non-local retailer, PB Love will come in plastic jars. By using both glass and plastic, we are actually reducing our carbon footprint - shipping glass requires more packaging (plastic and paper) to prevent breakage. Shipping glass is also heavier which requires more fuel. Both jars and tops are 100% recyclable. We cut up our boxes that we receive from incoming shipments and use them for our marketing that we include in our shipments and at events.

In Production

To reduce energy consumption, we use very simple machines in our production and wherever possible we use our hands: in milling, mixing, jarring, and labeling.

"But wait, you use plastic!"

"What's your energy footprint"

"And do you compost?"

Absolute sustainability doesn't happen overnight in the startup world, but things are changing. To those food makers out there growing their own ingredients, composting and using alternative energies we applaud you, and thank you.

It takes time to invest in business changes and find a good balance between being profitable, sustainable and having happy team members.

We've got time, and we know you have ideas — so help us!

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