peanuts & almonds

It is often said by PB Lover’s that PB Love nut butters are the tastiest, most delicious nut butters on the market – that’s quite a claim! Thank you PB Lovers! PB Love’s handcrafted, artisan label is a reflection of that tasty claim. Everything is stoned ground, and meticulously crafted for a not quite smooth, not quite crunchy texture we call SMUNCHY! This process ultimately delivers a mouth full of complex, yet simple, familiar, and delightful flavors that’s so good, you will come back again and again. You will even find yourself sharing our purpose and feeding PB Love to someone special in your life!

Read more about the origins of the famous Cinnamon Almond butter here!


We want to feed people real, delicious food and make them happy!

That is PB Love’s purpose – simple and honest. What is a real-food product? PB Love believes that the tastiest, most delicious food, is generally “real-food”. What that means for PB Love products is a commitment to using only real-food ingredients in everything we make; real-food is our production standard. And real-food to us is guided by what is known as PB Love’s Real-Food Philosophy: Keep it whole, colorful, close, and simple. PB Love’s Real-Food Philosophy is born from many different food beliefs and values. The food philosophy defines real-food as:

High Quality - Food that is produced by others (PB Love's ingredients) who’s production standards meets PB Love’s quality approval; from origin, to production, to supply chain – PB Love is creating close relationships with all our vendors in order to continue to learn about the ingredients coming through our back door.

Nutrient Dense – PB Love’s nuts are high in protein. Our organic virgin coconut oil is rich in healthy, clean fats. Our Colorado honey and organic unrefined coconut sugar are high in clean carbohydrates that fuel your body. Our Vietnamese cinnamon, sea salt and organic blackstrap molasses are packed with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements that are shown to improve health. Everything used to produce PB Love is just a few steps away from the original life force of it’s original plant – aka – minimally processed.

Holy shit that’s good!
— Almost Everyone
PB Love is a perfect match with anything I eat!
— David
It’s like a food orgasm in my mouth!
— Shilo

Good for You – PB Love is not only committed to feeding you better food, but also accepts and embraces the environmental and social responsibility inherent in food production and manufacturing. Call it sustainability, going green, or doing the “right” thing – PB Love is simply committed to responsible food production. We are committed to an always evolving task of reducing our carbon footprint in everything we do, and that starts with awareness. From production, distribution, to marketing, PB Love is continually learning better business practices to make us, you, and Mother Earth happy.

Delicious – It is tasty and enjoyable to our palette (it must make us happy!) – and most importantly, our PB Lovers (YOU) must agree!


The Birth of PB Love

Originally founded in 2015 by Mario Esparza and Andy Mason.

Mario was born in Amarillo, TX in 1984 and moved to Dallas, TX in August of 2003. After losing nearly 100 pounds and changing his entire lifestyle to become healthier, he started his first business called The North Dallas Boot Camp in 2009, and it was then Mario made his first batch of almond butter (get the story here). Mario moved to Denver in August of 2010 after closing shop in Dallas and discovering a restaurant called Snooze. After 6 months of harassing Snooze to hire him, he finally got a job as a host in February 2011 and soon worked several positions for Snooze. Mario left the company in 2014. When Mario is not working his full-time schedule running and growing PB Love, he bartends and serves at one of Denver’s popular eateries called Work & Class.


andy Mason

"When you boil it down, I like making things with strong colors, good type, and things that you wouldn't mind looking at everyday...."  

Andy is the guy who makes PB Love look so sexy! One of PB Love's original co-founders, Andy helped to create our logo, packaging, website, and branding. He works in Denver as a designer and art director. You can contact Andy and check out more of his work at if you are interested in having something look just as sexy as PB Love.