A twist on an old classic, with PB Love peanut & almond butter

A twist on a classic favorite, with PB Love peanut and almond butters. Celery stick snack.

When I was a child, every meal or holiday event included some sort of crudité, or cold veggie plate. One where we would stick whole black olives on our fingers, the homemade mustard and sweet pickles in dishes, and stuffed Cheese Whiz and peanut butter into sticks of celery. My Grandmother LOVED celery. I distinctly remember the way her hand would hold the shortened stalk, bring it to her mouth, and crunch through it. The way she held it, and the way her lips pursed and wrapped around the pale green rod are burned into my brain. She would do the same with radishes, and hearts of cauliflower.

I’ve come a LONG way from the Cheese Whiz, but there’s ways to bring this memory, and REAL FOOD into the 21st Century. A nice soft, creamy Brie, or cream cheese in celery is amazing. If you really want to impress people though, try putting some PB Love into some celery sticks for your next garden party or potluck. All 5 flavors work, but the Classics and Smooth Almond are my favorite. You could even make “ants on a log” and put raisins (try golden ones), cranberries, or cut up dates or apricots on them too. It’s a simple, delicious side dish that’s not a typical veggie tray from the grocery store, and even better, no cooking required.

Love and Nuts,

Chef JAM


Our handcrafted nut butters are so delicious and nutritious, this snack will keep you fueled for hours, and will make you feel great about your food choices.

Get back those childlike feelings and put the PB Love twist on an old classic. 

Celery sticks with PB Love peanut butter and almond butter. A classic treat.

As always, 

Thanks for reading!

Chef JAM

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