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a twist on an old classic, with pb love peanut & almond butters

A twist on a classic favorite, with PB Love peanut and almond butters. Celery stick snack.

Do you remember being a kid and that wonderful feminine figure in your life making you oh so happy with the simplest of foods?

Just peanut butter and a celery stick. Sounds boring.. well, celery sticks are pretty boring. That's why we dunk them in Bloody Marys and slather PB Love peanut butter and almond butters on it. 


  • celery
  • as many flavors of PB Love nut butters as you can stand
  • maybe a few 'ants on the log' with raisins or chocolate chips?
Our handcrafted nut butters are so delicious and nutritious, this snack will keep you fueled for hours, and will make you feel great about your food choices.

Get back those childlike feelings and put the PB Love twist on an old classic. 

Celery sticks with PB Love peanut butter and almond butter. A classic treat.

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