Cream Cheese Spread with Cinnamon Almond Butter

A ridiculously delicious and simple real food combination! Cinnamon Almond is so damn good that eating it straight out of the jar with a spoon is the most popular way PB Lover's enjoy this unique, all-natural almond butter.

Cinnamon Almond butter with cream cheese and bagel. Girl enjoying delicious food.

Cinnamon almond butter made in Denver, Colorado. Stone-ground almond butter by the PB Love Company.


We all know the old saying - "The simplest things in life are the best things in life!" We agree and think the simplest food combinations are the tastiest food combinations, too.

Mix together organic whole cream cheese with our stone-ground Cinnamon Almond butter for a quick and easy bagel spread for breakfast or an afternoon snack.


organic whole milk cream cheese
1 jar - PB Love Cinnamon Almond butter
organic raisins (can sub for dried cranberries, dates, or coconut flakes)
fresh bagels from your local bagel baker


Bagels for breakfast.

Bagel spread made with cinnamon almond butter and cream cheese. For afternoon snack or breakfast.


  1. Warm and soften cream cheese in toaster oven or microwave.
  2. Mix and fold Cinnamon Almond with cream cheese to taste in a small bowl using a small spatula (store in the refrigerator after).
  3. Spread on your toasted, or room temp. bagel.
  4. Add raisins on top for a touch of sweetness and texture.
  5. Enjoy!


Bagel spread for breakfast or afternoon snack made with cream cheese and cinnamon almond butter.


This cream cheese spread is a food orgasm waiting to happen. Purchase your Cinnamon Almond and spend some time in almond butter paradise. You can, of course, use any of our other nut butter flavors and do the same.

Perhaps cream cheese spread with the award-winning Salty Peanut butter?

Wishing you the happiest of bellies,

Chef JAM

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