Spicy Pean-anna Wrap With Salty Peanut Butter

One of the most popular requests we get here in peanut butter paradise is for us to create a spicy peanut butter. Weird right? Not really - there are many of us who love the spice! And love their Salty Peanut, too!

This 'Pean-anna Wrap' (we totally made that up, but it works yeah?) is a fun, unique, and ridiculously delicious recipe to make during this 2020 holiday season; and our idea for you until we fulfill that popular request. Enjoy! 

Spicy wrap with tequila jalapeno jam and slaty peanut butter from The PB Love Company

We made this version with some of our favorite local Colorado food makers that we are lucky enough to know. Feel free to make this wrap with which ever brands you like, while we highly recommend the listed brands!

* Quantities are dependent on how many wraps you want to make.
Wheat tortillas from Boulder Chip Company 
1 - 3 fresh organic jalapenos
1-3 large organic bananas 
1 jar Tequila Jalapeno Preserves from Red Camper
1 jar Salty Peanut butter
Room temperature butter
Heat your pan or skillet, and get all your tools/utensils.
Open your jars. 
Peel your bananas and slice in half from tip to tip. You can also roll the wrap with whole bananas. We made some with both - we enjoyed the whole better. 
Wash and dice your jalapenos. You can slice some for a pretty garnish on top.
Spicy wrap ingredients with Salty Peanut, Tequila Jalapeno Preserve, tortillas from Boulder Chips.
1. Cook/heat your tortillas on a cast iron skillet with just a little butter. A non-stick pan will work also. 
you can do all at the same time or one-by-one
2. Lay tortilla flat and spread at least 1 heaping table spoon of each:

3. Place your halved or whole banana on tortilla.

4. Spread 1/2 table spoon of diced jalapenos along banana. 

5. Roll your wrap!

Mario wrapping a spicy wrap with tequila jalapeno preserve and Salty Peanut butter.

This 2020 holiday season may be a weird one. It will certainly be different than what we may all be used to. Taste and make something weird and new: Spicy Pean-anna Wraps with Salty Peanut and Tequila Jalapeno Preserves from Red Camper

Spicy peanut wraps are fun to serve to friends and family.

Mario wrapping a spicy wrap with tequila jalapeno preserve and Salty Peanut butter.

Thanks for reading, and we wish you the happiest of bellies this holiday season.

The PB Love Company

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