Four Years of Spreading the PB Love!

Eat healthy peanut butter and almond butter that is high in protein. Made in denver, CO.

In April 2015, The PB Love Company made it’s first online sale. Our original three flavors (Classic Creamy Peanut Butter, Salty Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon Almond Butter) were sold and shipped to my little brother, Aron, in Dallas, TX. Order #0001.

Now, I am extremely grateful and happy to be able to say that PB Love has shipped our peanut and almond butters to all of the lower 48! From the California date fruit farmer, to the New York City socialite, The PB Love Company has been fulfilling it’s purpose of feeding people real, delicious food and spreading smiles for four years now!

I know there are many options these days for a protein packed, healthy, peanut or almond butter jar. Whatever gets your taste buds going for that nut butter fix, I hope you are happy with it.

Cinnamon Almond butter. Salty Peanut butter. Lunch time healthy peanut butter snack.

But if you have never had a food orgasm in your mouth with nut butter, PB Love peanut and almond butters are the only choice you have when it comes to giving your taste buds a ridiculously delicious real food experience.

I know this sounds biased… and perhaps it is… while I am only telling you what our customers (PB Lovers) consistently tell us. ALL. THE. TIME. “This is the best peanut butter I have ever had!”, they say.

Yes, I do believe that when it comes to taste, PB Love peanut and almond butters are at the top of the list. It’s pretty simple and honest - it’s the taste that makes us different from all the other options you have as a nut butter consumer. The PB Love experience is real.

Smooth Almond butter shared with friends. Sugar free almond butter made in Denver, CO.

As this journey moves forward into peanut butter paradise, and as I, the founder of The PB Love Company continues to grow as a leader, entrepreneur and teammate, I would like everyone to know how extremely fulfilled I am to have the opportunity to feed you.

Feeding people is what I do best. Feeding people is what makes me happy. And feeding people is what connects myself and the PB Love Co team to the rest of the world in very genuine, fun, and sincere way.

THANK YOU to everyone who has been involved in helping us spread the PB Love. From our investors, vendors, farmers market organizers, wholesale partners, teammates, advisors, and of course our customers, thank you! Thank you for enjoying our delicious peanut and almond butters and thank you for repeatedly sharing with your friends and family.

Smooth Almond butter from The PB Love Company. Handcrafted almond butter made in Denver, CO.

Cheers to the next four years, and cheers to YOU for giving yourself a little bit of what makes me, me – the ultimate PB Lover. Happy fourth anniversary to us and you.

I [PB] love you and thank you for reading!


p.s. – If you are wondering what PB Love’s birthday actually is, it’s April 9th. The day PB Love was introduced to our first online shopper, our first PB Lover. Mucho love to my little brother, Aron.

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  • Hi,
    Do you have whole sale pricing on your PB and Almond Butter? I am part of a collective, Seaside Gallery and Goods in Newport Beach, CA and I’m interested in selling your product. Please let me know and thank you!

    Vicki Wadman
  • Love this peanut butter. Had at the Good Food Awards in SF, but can’t rationalize $9.50 plus $8 for a $17.50 jar of peanut butter. Even with three – $33… 🤔 If not for the shipping and if sold in SF, I would routinely buy :(.


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