Award Winning Salty Peanut Butter!

Salty Peanut has so far taken PB Love Co. to new heights in 2019. With a Good Food Award in January and first place in the International Flavor Awards for nut butter, Salty Peanut is the ultimate demonstration of our work and commitments here at The PB Love Company. Our purpose is simple and honest, to feed people real, delicious food and spread smiles!

International Flavor Awards winner for Salty Peanut butter. Healthy peanut butter made with honey and no palm oil. High in protein and tasty.
About The International Flavor Awards:

"As an organization, The International Flavor Awards, LLC provides impartial and knowledgeable judging of food & drink products throughout a variety of genres and themes. The Flave Awards strive to bring value to our food-based competitions and to promote the outstanding products and companies that set themselves apart by being known as "A Flave Award Winner"!

PB Love Ingredients. peanuts, coconut sugar, colorado honey, cinnamon, sea salt

People tell us that Salty Peanut is so damn good, that they want to take a bath in it! It certainly makes us laugh, and grateful for the wonderfulness of Salty Peanut.

The reason Salty P. is so ridiculously tasty is because of the quality of ingredients (it's definitely a healthier peanut butter), and because of PB Love's unique stone-grinding process. That's right, we use black granite to grind our peanut and almond butter! It's a beautifully tranquil process.

black granite stone ground peanut butter and almond butter.


We would like to extend congratulations to the other winners in the nut butter category:

Second Place: Built by Bees - Salted Caramel Pecan Honey Butter
Third Place: Kaka Falls Farms - Chocolate Coconut Butter

A special thanks to The International Flavor Awards for their kindness, and for awarding our number one seller, Salty Peanut butter for this special accolade.

If you are interested in a ridiculously delicious food orgasm in your mouth, order a three-pack of our Salty Peanut and experience the award-winning peanut butter difference.

Healthy high protein peanut butter made in denver colorado by the pb love company.

As always, thank you for reading.

Mario - head nut

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