New Protein Bites Made With PB Love

Unwrapp'd was established in Denver, Colorado in 2017 with the idea they could, and would be making a difference in the food manufacturing, and consumer packaged goods industry (CPG). 

They created a real food product that gives eaters healthy, convenient, clean energy, and packaged it in a way that is less harmful to the environment. Each flavor provides the same convenience as any other food/energy bar out on the market, but without all the individual packaging. Unwrapp'd is also committed to using 100% real food ingredients - and all of that makes us really good friends!


Unwrappd Protein Bites made with pb love peanut butter.

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This year they released a new flavor made with our stone-ground Classic Creamy peanut butter. "Protein Bites" are packed with 11 grams of plant-based protein per serving, and are ridiculously delicious!


Unwrappd protein bites made in denver colorado with pb love co creamy peanut butter.

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There are no whey isolates in these Protein Bites, which makes this friendly to a variety of eaters like vegans. It is also gluten and soy-free, with no added sugars. 

Maria, one of the co-founders of Unwrapp'd posted a great blog about plant-based protein. Check it out here.

How to Get Maximum Results From Plant-Based Protein


At The PB Love Company, the relationships we build and the partnerships we get to encounter are a large part of why we are in business. It is a great pleasure to get the opportunity to work with the team at Unwrapp'd. They are kind, friendly, and their company values are an excellent demonstration of their commitment to feeding people real, responsibly made, delicious food. 

You can shop for Protein Bites online at, or you can find them in over 200 grocery stores across 9 states. 

Tell all your friends about your new real food find, and comment on this blog with any thoughts you might have. 

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Unwrapp’d and PB Love CO Collaborate on New Protein Bites

Wishing you the happiest of bellies,

The PB Love Company

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