Peanut Butter Paradise During COVID-19

Hello everyone! Mario here - founder and Head Nut here at The PB Love Company. A few words to share with you all during the madness of the COVID-19 pandemic.

I realize there is a lot of fear and uncertainty that is effecting everyone. I hope we are all doing our parts to keep in happy spirits and have a healthy, strong body. By doing so, along with our other individual efforts, I believe this will make a huge impact on how the world recovers socially, economically, and culturally. 

(photo credit: We are Matt & Jess)

It is likely we will all think, feel, and act differently with each other once we are 'free' from our homes and the overwhelming overload of fear from social media and the news. A happy spirit and a strong healthy body will behoove us as we transition into a different world. 

(photo credit: We are Matt & Jess)

Many positives of course, have evolved from the challenges that many of our communities and industries have been experiencing the last several weeks.

Local food systems particularly have been dramatically impacted since this whole thing started, and many small businesses like restaurants, farmer's markets, local shops, farms, distributors, grocers, food manufacturers (like ourselves) and many more are being greatly affected. 

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As a small business owner myself, it has been quite difficult to best navigate all the decision making of what to do in order to survive the COVID-19 impact. 

Here is some of what we are doing....

We have always, and will continue to meet the
Food Safety Guidelines enforced by the CDPHE. Our production and online fulfillment operations pose an inherently low risk. We will continue the routine and thorough sanitation of our facilities with a level-up on awareness.

We are all in this together. With respect to social distancing, PB Love encourages everyone to support the small businesses in our communities through this challenging time. The PB Love Company has collaborated with the following Colorado businesses in order to help the decrease in revenue and to continue to feed people.

Leven Deli
Work & Class
The Real Dill 
Snack Ninja
Ollin Farms
You can visit their sites and social media to find more info on their offerings.
For the month of April, PB Love will be donating $5 per every online order to Denver Urban Gardens. DUG is a local gardening platform that educates on sustainable gardening and the importance of eating fresh, locally grown foods. 
You can visit their site here. 
The World will go on and we will go on with it. It is now how we decide what we are going to do as an individual that is going to impact our communities after COVID-19. I am encouraging you to support your local food systems however you can during and after the current situation.
Food systems are already fragile, many of them broken. Help us fix them and make them better. Be well, keep a happy spirit, and make your body strong and healthy.
Thank you for reading!
Cheers to you and yours, 
Mario - Head Nut
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