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savory spice shop, we pb love you!

It happens every single time. Just as you push the door open and take your first step into this well-placed little spice shop, your nose is already in a world of euphoric and interesting smells.

You know those types of smells that make the back of your jaw tingle and your mouth salivate?

I believe that is one of the reasons why Savory Spice Shop is such a great company – they provide a memorable, amazing, and genuine food experience – even before a human being has greeted you. It’s incredible!

Mike and Janet from Savory Spice Shop based in Denver, Colorado.

Mike and Janet founded Savory Spice Shop in 2004. The first shop on 15th and Platte here in Denver was my first Savory experience back sometime in 2013. I learned they grind their own spices. They mix all their own blends, and they are a decent size company. I believe 100 people or so, give or take a few.

I knew that any spice or product they sold in that cool little shop was going to be a premium product with some kind of intriguing story behind it all.

PB Love has sourced our Vietnamese cinnamon from Savory since day one, and we are so happy to have Savory as a vendor and partner in this special Denver food community.

I chose this type of cinnamon because it was the ‘spiciest’ of them all. It had sweeter and very pungent levels of flavor. And it was just beautiful!

Vietnamese cinnamon. Used in PB Love peanut butter and almond butter.

Vietnamese is also known as Saigon cinnamon. It is one of the four main types of cinnamon sold commercially, while there are of course 100’s of other varieties of cinnamon.

As always, PB Love uses real food ingredients that are high quality, nutrient dense, and tasty. There are many health benefits that a premium cinnamon can provide. You can visit this blog to find out what some of those benefits are.

We thank Mike, Janet, and the Savory Spice Shop team for everything they do. We love the cinnamon we buy from them, we love their story, and we love their people.

Cinnamon Almond butter made by The PB Love Company. Handcrafted in Denver, Colorado.

If you would like to give your mouth a food orgasm, get you some Cinnamon Almond and give yourself a ridiculously delicious PB Love experience!

Cheers to you and thanks for reading.


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