Why so Smunchy?

We often get raves about the texture of PB Love. It’s not quite crunchy, but it’s not quite smooth, either. We call it Smunchy. The smunchy texture comes primarily from our stone-grinding process, but a very important and impressive ingredient also plays a large role - organic unrefined coconut sugar.  

Why do you use coconut sugar?

Well, just like PB Love, it is real food. Our organic unrefined coconut sugar is processed in a way that keeps the nutrient density as high as possible. Real food is high quality, nutrient dense, great tasting, and great for you. It’s also why Salty Peanut and Cinnamon Almond are smunchy – that little bit of smunch is part of the role that our coconut sugar plays on your taste buds.

Where does coconut sugar come from?

Many people think coconut sugar comes from actual coconuts… it does not. In fact, the sugar comes from the flower of the coconut palm tree. A very different tree from the palm tree – which is where palm sugar comes from, just so there is no confusion (coconut sugar is also sometimes called palm sugar).

It is a beautiful yellow flower that has a sweet sap inside. The sap is drained, dried, and then you get the granulated sugar crystals left over. Ok, no doubt is there more to the process, but this is the jist of it.

coconut sugar palm flower. from the coconut palm tree.

Our organic coconut sugar gives PB Love texture, color, and a sweetness that cannot be matched. We also consider it to be a healthier, cleaner, more superior sweetener.

PB Love is committed to feeding people real, delicious food and spreading smiles. To us, better food is better for you – happy food makes happy people! 

Cheers to you all and thanks for reading.




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