Fresh Fruit Plate with Classic Creamy Peanut Butter

The Summer Solstice has arrived marking the first day of Summer 2019. It's already been a very busy year for everyone we know, and we are all grateful for this years successes!

While we take the time to enjoy and create some memorable moments with some of our close friends and family, choose this simple, wonderfully nutritious snack with Classic Creamy peanut butter. 

the pb love company only uses real food ingredients. handcrafted peanut butter and almond butter made in denver, CO.

Fresh fruit plate with Classic Creamy for dipping.

Slice up:

Bananas, dates, strawberries, apples, mango, pears, etc.

You can just put the jar out in the middle of the plate with a spoon or small knife. Add a little unrefined sea salt to the Classic Creamy peanut butter for a boost of flavor.


shop classic creamy peanut butter from the pb love company. handcrafted in Denver, CO.


Our stone-ground process gives our Classic Creamy peanut butter a fresh, rich flavor, and yields a unique texture we like to call "smunchy".  This simple peanut butter is high in protein and good, clean fats. Paired with some fresh fruit, loved ones, and some summer sun, everyone is bound to be happy with a nutritious and delicious snack. 

Happy summer to you all and cheers to the next half of 2019! 

creamy peanut butter made by the pb love company. handcrafted almond butter made in denver colorado

If you're interested in giving you and your friends a food orgasm, get you some Classic Creampeanut butter right away! Our peanut butter variety packs are also a great choice for the peanut butter lover deep inside everyone!

Photo credits: Matt & Jess

As always, we wish you the happiest of bellies!

Chef JAM

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